Corona Virus Diary

Into the second week of shutdowns.  Things are looking fairly grim in New York but locally, so far, we seem to be relatively OK. President Trump is a complete moron, hinting at opening things back up far too soon. Luckily, our governor here in Maryland has been pretty proactive. Hoping he keeps schools closed for longer, but have not heard yet.

Went out to help with the cats at the Animal Welfare League. We were pretty careful about keeping our hands clean and it was good to get out. Picked up dinner from a local restaurant, the Tasting Room, who are paying 20% of their revenue to their wait staff and trying to keep things going through carry out.  Had a pizza delivered for the kids.

Kids are getting a little school work, but not a lot. Hopefully things ramp up a little bit soon, particularly as it seems likely the schools will remain closed for awhile. They continue to cope pretty well. A bit more tragic for my son who is a senior. Probably will not have an outdoor track season and may even lose a graduation ceremony.

Italy may be slowly turning a corner, which gives me hope that our efforts, even with some amount of non-compliance, will be enough to break the cycle of infection if we can keep our president from sabotaging the whole thing.



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